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Evening all

It's been a long, but nice Easter Sunday.

Thinking of finishing my wine in the bubble bath with the Sunday paper & my book.

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Took dogs to the groomer & vet
  • Took car to Autotech for AC check
    No apparent leaks
  • Clean Kitchen:
    • Wiped down counters
    • Cleared & wiped down sinks
    • Washed hand-wash dishes
    • Clear & wipe down kitchen table
  • Left message with Prez
  • Took Critter to eye doctor to have glasses adjusted
  • Got dog food
  • Picked up dogs
    Vet agreed that Ouchy doesn't appear to need surgery;
    The dogs checked out clear for no heartworm; Flood weighs 45 pounds;
    We have enough heartworm & flea medicine for 2 months for all 3 dogs and 1 cat
  • Made appointment for Spring cleaning and preventative maintenance for AC
  • Update Quicken:
    • Sorted mail
  • Tuesday Tigers
  • Allergist
  • Post Office: mailed Agtiger his book
  • Took a picture of Tigger by school for Writer's Guild
  • Planned menus and grocery list
  • Bank
  • Grocery shopping
  • Printed more info from Quicken for Flar
  • Stripped & made bed in guest room
  • Went to Post Office with Flar to mail taxes
  • Took car to Powers
    They determined the noise was the front right wheel bearing & replaced it;
    The ABS light will continue to come on as a sensor in the rear right wheel needs replacing, but is sold as part of the rear right wheel bearing which doesn't need replacing.
  • Laundry:
    • Sorted dirty clothes
    • Fed the machines
  • Got bowling records from Prez
  • Took Tigger to gymnastics
  • Printed bowling forms
  • Woke up early; Tigger asked to sleep longer; Flar drove himself to the airport
  • Got another hour of sleep
  • Took the kids to school
  • Rookettes
  • Sam's Club
  • Filled and decorated an Easter basket for canuckgirl
  • Picked up my left contact at the eye doctor
  • Took Critter to the doctor
  • Picked up a prescription at CVS
    Critter has Impetigo, diagnosed before it made icky sores, and now has a 10 day supply of Keflex
  • Date Night with Knight: housework with pleasant company
    • Unpacked
    • Laundry:
      • Fed the machines
      • Cleared & wiped down jacuzzi top
      • Sorted clean clothes
  • Picked up canuckgirl at the airport
  • Gave Canuckgirl a quick tour of the house, then gave her the encryption key for the wireless network
  • Laundry:
    • Folded and put away my clothes
  • Took the kids to school
  • Picked up sugar and chocolate on the way home
  • Updated & printed the sign-out sheet for Chess Club
  • Picked up lumber, if it's not raining
  • Went to Keeneland with Canuckgirl & Ro
  • Chess club
  • Dinner & Scrabble with canuckgirl, roina_arwen & knightaudit over here
  • Made traveling cookies for Tigger to take to YABA banquet
  • Took Ro home
  • Flar took Tigger to his YABA bowling banquet
  • Hung out with canuckgirl & darkwolf69 & sydb42 & roina_arwen:
    • Boiled eggs and made Pasticchio while Canuckgirl kept me company
    • Played on the floor with Roo & Sydb & Wolf
    • Played Scrabble with Ro & Sydb & Canuckgirl while Wolf amused Roo
    • Made BLTs with optional cheese and choice bread & white creamy dressing product
    • Finished the scrabble game
    • Dyed Easter eggs
    • Played Chronology with Wolf & Sydb & Critter & Canuckgirl, and Flar when he joined us
    • Ate Pasticchio
    • Found a few things left behind by Wolf & Sydb
    • Chatted with Canuckgirl
    • Talked to Wolf on the phone before sleeping
  • Took Canuckgirl to the airport
  • Mixed up marinade for roast
  • with Flar, filled Easter baskets for the boys
  • Cleaned kitchen:
    • Took apart Jenn-Air
    • Cleaned Jenn-Air
    • Wiped down counters
    • Rinsed recycling
    • Washed dishes - but not all of them
  • Helped, variously, while the kids cleaned the family room
  • Played a couple of games of Scrabble with roina_arwen
    Got to play QUOINS on a triple word square; lost both games
  • Made Easter Bunny Cake
  • Bébé came over for Easter dinner
  • Easter dinner:
    • Put Roast in the oven
    • Measured flour for gravy
    • Measured water, butter & milk and potato flakes for mashed potatoes
    • Put green beans in the toaster oven
    • Took Roast out of oven
    • Made Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, & Mac n Cheese
    • Got the kids to set the table
    • Had dinner
    • Played Chronology
      Bébé won -- he had the double advantage of age & position, after Critter
    • Had Easter bunny cake
    • Chatted with Bébé while putting up leftovers
    • B&ecute;bé hid the easter eggs; the boys hunted them; we watched
    • Thinking about a bubble-bath
  • Stuff that will go onto next week's list:
    • Pick up Harry Potter DVD
    • Set clocks
    • Laundry:
      • Re-wash load in washer (sigh)
      • Fold and put away towels
      • Fold and put away my clothes
      • Fold Flar's clothes
    • Update Quicken:
      • Enter checks & deposits
      • Enter receipts
      • Post bills
      • Check with Flar about bills coming due
      • Print checks

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