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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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I didn't get as much done yesterday as I'd have liked. But considering how I felt when I woke up, it's probably a victory to have done anything.

I'm feeling mostly just tired today. I ought to be able to get lots done, except that I'm going to be cooling my heels down at Powers for I-don't-know-how-long. If it were just the ABS light coming on, that's expected to be a simple thing. But there's this noise...

Anyway, after I check in on email and live journal, Flar should be up so I can strip our bed and make it, and get the laundry rolling by washing the sheets first. If I have time before I leave with my car, I can get the dirty clothes sorted. Then it will depend on how much time I get at home.

We had to pay taxes. Flar took a home office deduction for the first time, which helped a lot, but we still owed. Ages ago, we invested in low-income housing, that gave us a tax credit. That was used up this year, and Flar had mis-remembered how much of it would be left, when he was estimating taxes.

I may start working. I used to think that would be the end of the earth, and this horrible sign that everything was falling apart. And I've been dragging my feet because I've no idea what my ending salary at Texaco was, or what I made at UK. So writing a resume would mean digging through tax records or something. But Flar's got a client who needs overflow workers -- it's for scanning, like demariana is doing right now. No resume required, I'm totally overqualified, but I'm coming to realize that it would make me feel better about things, knowing that I'm doing something to bring in other money. Anyway, he's going to talk to his client about that.

Flar's client who's owed us money since November keeps thinking he'll be able to pay "in just a few days." But he's having cash flow problems, too. He's just signed two new clients, and the money from those deposits made come our direction. I'll believe it when I see it, but it would sure help.

Flar's got some promising leads that may mean at least three months of reasonable income, and some other jobs that are starting to pay off. Maybe by summer it won't feel so scary.

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I don't think you'd necessarily need to know what your ending salary was. A lot of people don't put their salaries on their resumes - just where they worked, basic job functions, and how long they worked there.

Plus, it's been what - well over a decade (since before Critter was born?) - since you had a steady job, so whatever you were earning then may well bear little resemblance to what you'd be earning now.

I know the crap you're going through, and I'm sorry, sweetie. I hope with you that it gets better.
*My* end-of-the-world fear was bankruptcy, and I lived through that - I'm sure you can tackle a job, if it'll make you feel more 'productive'

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