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Spring Break Day Three

Grr. I've had to wait until evening to try to get online. The dialup line isn't clean enough to maintain a good connection during the day. Oh well. This is a composite of the separate entries I would have made.

At noon:

Checking the list:

Sleep In. Check. Woke up around 10.

Breakfast in the room. Check. Ate Magix, a Kellog-Disney version of lucky charms, with sprinkles that turn the milk blue.

Swim. Check. Critter was rather surprised that it was my idea. But I've got my earplugs and my vinegar/water, and I've got that new bathing suit. We stayed in the water about an hour. My arms are a little pink, as are my nose and shoulders, but we came in before sunburn happened. Oops, no hair dryer in the room. I'll have to rely on the vinegar/water without drying it after.

Now we're waiting for Mom and Dad to come back from their sales presentation. The one where they're getting two adult tickets to Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure. That's where we're going tomorrow. Not sure what we're doing for lunch today.

At bedtime:

Mom and Dad bought another timeshare. They like to travel and can actually afford to buy them. This is a different timeshare company than the one they already have, so it broadens their vacation choices. They also have a generous points system, and will give Mom and Dad credit for their timeshare with the other company, for acquiring points.

We decided to brunch at IHOP, or Hop on Pop, as we call it in the family. There was no line to wait for a table at 2:00, oddly enough.

After brunch, we drove International Drive (north) from end to end. We shopped at the Belz outlet mall, but didn't find shoes for the boys (our excuse for shopping). Mom did find a pretty earring and barrette set for me, that are purple butterflies. En route to I-4 for a faster trip back to the resort, we found a discount shoe store, and bought new shoes for each of the boys. Tigger replaced his old Sketchers with new ones, and Critter replaced his old New Balance with new ones.

We also found a Books-A-Million, where Daddy bought a Robert Ludlum book. He'd been listening to it on tape while driving to jobs, but the last bit of the tape got messed up. So he figured he'd finish it in print while he as on vacation.

When we got back, Mom took Tigger miniature golfing; there's a small course here at the resort. She got hot and came back to our rooms, so Daddy took Tigger out to play some more.

While they were out, Critter played a game on his laptop, and I talked to Flar on Mom's cell phone, then worked on my cross-stitch awhile. When they got back, it was time to get ready to go out to dinner.

We went to Medieval Times, a dinner theatre featuring knights on horseback, and a dinner of vegetable soup, garlic bread, roast chicken, baked potato, beef rib, and apple pie. We had excellent seats, in the section cheering for the Red & Yellow knight. He became the champion, defeating the evil Marshall, and winning the heart of the princess.

On the way back from dinner, we stopped for gas, and then for soda.

Tigger went to sleep almost as soon as we got home. Critter played on his laptop awhile, and Daddy finished his Robert Ludlum book. Mom played solitaire on her Palm Pilot and talked to me, while I sorted out the beads in my cross stitch project. I've finished all the sections which don't have beads. Now I have all the beads strung in separate colors, ready to use one color at a time. And I've already sewn a row of the first color of beads.

By then it was quite late, so Mom and I went on to bed.

Assuming that I manage to connect successfully, I'll probably download mail and scan it. I think I'll save Live Journal until tomorrow night, unless the temptation is too great...

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Slept in until 10
  • Breakfast in room
  • Swim
  • Lazed about
  • Brunched at IHOP
  • Shopped for shoes and books
  • Dinner at Medieval Times
  • Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure
  • Laze about
  • Pack to go home
  • Drive to Macon
  • Drive home
  • Unpack

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