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Spring Break: Day One

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Caught up PDA hotsyncing
  • Update Quicken:
    • Sorted mail
    • Entered receipts, checks and deposits
    • Entered credit card receipts
    • Posted new bills
    • Talked to Flar about which bills to pay
    • Printed checks
    • Put together stuff for post office
  • Called Farmer and arranged for someone to bring over hay to spread over grass seed
  • Picked up my car at Powers
  • Forgot to retrieve Tigger's LEGO project from Ro & Knight's, where he left it
  • Made baked chicken, Lipton's noodles and honey-butter carrots for dinner
  • Watched Lucky Numbers, a very silly movie with John Travolta, Lisa Kudrow & Bill Pullman
  • Read Ozma of Oz
  • Made reservation at Medieval Times
  • T's school play
  • Bowled
  • Picked up Universal Tickets at AAA
  • Mailed Bills
  • Started Laundry:
    • Sorted dirty clothes
    • Fed the machines
    • Made bed
    • Folded & put away towels
    • Sorted white
    • Folded and put away Flar's whites
  • Lost a game of Scrabble
  • Made grocery list
  • Got dog & cat food
  • Grocery shopping
  • Treehouse
    • Tigger cut more balusters
  • Dinner: Battered Fish Fillets and Mac & Cheese
  • Scrabble with sydb42, roina_arwen & canuckgirl
    Sydb's net connection went down, so I was up against the power players all by myself. Canuckgirl almost caught up with Ro, who took an astounding early lead, with a bingo.
  • Finished Ozma of Oz
  • Phone call with Wolf
  • Therapeutic chocolate kisses while updating live journal in bed
  • Washed dishes
  • Raked yard and sidewalk at back door.
  • Cleaned out Water Garden
  • Worked on Laundry:
    • Fed the machines
    • Sorted clean clothes
    • Folded & put away my clothes
    • Folded Flar's clothes
    • Washed cloak material & muslin
  • Bank: got cash for trip
  • Ro's: got Tigger's LEGO project; forgot to leave behind Pengie's hat
  • Wal-Mart: picked up embroidery floss for cloak; they didn't have waste cloth
  • Radio Shack: picked up a universal car charger
  • CompUSA: Critter got a USB keyboard to use with his laptop until he can afford to get its keyboard repaired.
  • Treehouse
    • Tigger cut more balusters
  • Took Tigger to first week of gymnastics class
  • Clipped & sorted coupons
  • Helped spydielives hem her dress
    She brought iron-on seam tape, and it made the job easy as pie.
  • Printed double bowling forms
  • Bank: deposited check from equity account
  • Bowled; turned over records to Prez for next week
  • Fabric Store: waste cloth
    They didn't have any
  • Sam's: just water
  • Allergist
  • Stitch Niche: waste cloth & a beaded counted cross-stitch project
    I'm not going to cut the cloak out before I leave; I bought the little project to see if I like beaded counted cross-stitch. If I do, I'm going to add beads to the cloak project. Which is why I decided not to rush starting it.
  • Wal-Mart: got rest of floss
  • Got car washed
  • Took Tigger to optician
    The good news: they think the repair is covered by warranty
    The bad news: Shouse is always packed that time of day, meaning another rush to make dinner
  • Went to The Core with Flar & the boys
  • Picked up cascade at Kroger
  • Spread grass seed and hay on bare spots in yard
  • Prepared soil for flowers by garage and back of house
  • Spread flower seed and mulch by garage and back of house
  • Finished Laundry:
    • Folded & put away work towels
  • Put together enchiladas for dinner
  • Printed sign-out sheet for Chess Club
  • Chess Club
  • Packed for trip to Florida
  • Packed the car
  • Went to bed by 10:30pm
  • Drive to Macon
  • Drive to Orlando

Hee hee. Okay, it's just fun to have a one-item things to do list.

I woke up early, which is good, because I hadn't gotten around to checking the laptop out for dialup access. I haven't used it for dial-up since Daddy gave it to me, and it turned out to be non-trivial to figure out to get the FreePPP menus to work properly. I finally found the Earthlink stupid user tricks, and managed to get FreePPP to think it was installed (it already was, but didn't act like it when I started out). In the process, using dumb-user menus (ie, high-level enough to be ambiguous as to actual meaning), I think I downloaded the earthlink access numbers three times. This was not a quick process.

We left the house at 9:37am, and left the BP before 10.

AAA routed us via US 27 to KY 150 to I-75, a more direct path than going through Lexington to get to I-75. We lucked out with nice weather and no traffic, so the country road was a short cut rather than a delay. And bonus, that route takes us through Brodhead, where Flar's mother grew up. I called Flar to tell him, and he said to wave to Nana. So I think Brodhead is where a third of Nana's ashes are buried, too. (She had three husbands over the course of her life, and decided that she wanted to be cremated, so that she could be with all of them in death.)

Our first stop was in Tennessee, for lunch. There was a Stuckey's at the same exit as a Subway, but it wasn't a "real" Stuckey's. There was very little in the way of Stuckey's merchandise; it was really just a convenience store with a Stuckey's franchise. Tigger was able to find a couple of souvenirs though, and I found my summer watch. A very slim digital watch on an elastic band, in purple, green & gold. Tigger got one in orange, and Critter is wearing my black watch now.

Next door was an "As Seen onTV" store, but we've got one of those back home. We ate at Subway, going for the fresh food over convenience store selections.

I had been sending email to darkwolf69 to give him progress reports, which he's been passing along to a few people for me. But when we got into Tennesee, my phone couldn't find any support for text messaging or email. When we got into Georgia, I found access again, and started touching base with knightaudit. He and disheveledhair were driving up from Orlando, and we hoped to connect somewhere on their way today.

We ended up stopping for gas at exit 288, in Cartersville. I'd been a little worried about the gas guage playing tricks on me. We'd already put 300 miles on the car since the BP station, and the guage was reading half. I figured we had 50 miles left on it, assuming 18 mpg. I turns out, from the fill-up numbers, that we've been getting over 23 mpg on the trip. Not too shabby for a mom-mobile.

We did get together with Knight and Kittybane. He loaned us his inverter, so that Critter can watch DVDs in the car. The power supply I bought only provides up to 1.2amps, and the DVD player pulls 2. He also gave us a case of Weird Al and other comedy music CDs.

So, is it possible to listen to Grapefruit Diet without getting hungry? For some reason, it made me crave grapes. :)

We were just heading in to Atlanta when my mom called. Which reminded me that I was supposed to be calling my aunt, but forgot to transfer her number to my PDA from email. So Mom gave me her number. Knight had told me about a Fuddrucker's close to our hotel, so I suggested that when we talked. We made great time going through Atlanta, and had time to take our stuff up the room and settle in a little. I got my Earthlink connection up with very little fussing (all the fussing this morning paid off ), and downloaded my email so I could read it later offline. Then we left to go to Fuddrucker's.

Aunt says she hasn't seen the boys since Tigger was in a carseat, although Mom does send them pictures every year (in her Christmas letter, if no other way). We had a nice dinner and visit, and then came back to the hotel.

Critter hasn't been able to get his laptop to connect properly, so he's playing games right now. He's going to see if he can get it figured out tomorrow with Grandaddy's help. Tigger was literally bouncing off the walls for a bit, but I've got him tamed by the big blue box now.

Now, I think I'll check out how much I've missed today on Live Journal, and then go on to sleep.


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