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Best laid plans

I forgot to turn off my alarm clock. And I couldn't really get back to sleep after I shut if off... After all, I went to sleep around 11:30pm last night.

So I got up and showered and dressed and got online. I've found the dial-up numbers for Earthlink here (for testing) and in Macon (where we're staying overnight). Then I printed out the Florida numbers in the hopes that there will be a number close enough to be "local" to the resort. None of them were labeled "Lake Buena Vista," so I may end up using a phone card for online time at the resort.

Then I took a silly quiz. Dennis Moore
You are the Dennis Moore sketch. All you want in
life is lupines. Lots of lupines.

Which Monty Python's Flying Circus Sketch are You?
brought to you by Quizilla The funny thing is, I'm from Texas, and it turns out that Blue Bonnets are a variety of lupine.


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