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Name Survey

From roina_arwen ( who got it from spydielives, who got it from caritas_skunk, who got it from littledevi:

  1. What does your first name mean?
  2. What does your middle name mean?
    Small Falcon.
  3. What does your last name mean?
    • Maiden
      Willow Grove
      My mother's maiden name means "son of the beloved of God."
    • Married
      I couldn't find a meaning for my husband's surname, but his Scottish clan name means "son of black stranger".
  4. So what does your name mean when put together?
    Bee. Small falcon. Willow Grove. Son of Black Stranger.
    Industrious, sharp-eyed recluse of mysterious origin.
  5. Do you have a nickname?
    Not really. There are tons of variants on my first name. A very few people have pet names for me that aren't based on my first name.
  6. What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender?
    My parents were completely unprepared for that possibility. I have an older brother. Since they already had a boy, they fully expected to have a girl. My middle name is derived from my maternal grandfather's, so that would probably remain the same, with some reasonably short boy-name tacked on the front.
  7. Any other name oddities?
    I've only met one other female with my middle name. She was born in the same hospital as I, almost exactly one year earlier. Her first name was a boy-name too, not just her middle name.
  8. Word meanings courtesy of this site and this site.

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