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Lazy morning; now to work

I haven't even looked at my list yet, because I know the first thing is bills. I need to go through a bunch of mess on the kitchen table to make sure I'm not missing any of it, and I've been lazy about getting started.

I have gotten caught up on hotsyncing, and sending Master my diet diaries. Which are shamefully incomplete, besides being late. I figured out how to rescue my Light Bulb Check List, which had become unreadable on the laptop end of the sync. I saved it to a different name on the PDA, and the new record uploaded just fine. With a different owning application on the Mac. Implying I need to import stuff into Excel before I put it on the PDA, if I want to be able to update it.

Wolf and Sydb asked me questions, but they never showed up on the poll. Not sure what's going on with that. If anyone else asked me a question that I haven't answered, please try again.

My car is ready! Woo hoo! Expensive, but ready. We would have been better served to spend a few hundred more back in November, but we had no way of knowing that. Sigh. Flar said he could take me to pick it up later this afternoon.

So I'd best get to work, so I can leave on his schedule, rather than mine.

I don't have a good portable craft right now. I finished Gaucha's afghan - which she loves, Flar tell me. I don't feel like getting back to knitting, and the Christmas stockings mock me with their complexity. I'm thinking if Flar's schedule has me downtown to pick up my car with some spare time, that I might drop into the needlecraft store (whose name I've forgotten) and see about acquiring advice and thread. I'm not sure the best choice for my cloak. I should probably bring the material, for better-informed advice.

That implies cutting out the cloak before I leave for Florida. Which also implied cutting out a new copy of the pattern, before it deteriorates further. Which means figuring out whether I already bought muslin for this purpose... Sometimes my lists are built in reverse order. ;)

To work!

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