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All fixed up

The vet trimmed away clotted hair and skin flap from Dizzy's wound in her ear, and then applied cauterizing agent, using what looks like a fireplace match. Then she shaved around the wound, cauterized it again, and sent me home with antibiotics and more cauterizing sticks.

The last load of clothes is in the laundry. All I've got left in the laundry sorting baskets is work/dog towels and handwash. I'm putting Wal-Mart on my errands list for the afternoon, to get those dust-mite-proof pillow protectors, and then change the sheets when I get home. There's one load of clean laundry to sort into baskets after lunch.

I'm keeping Dizzy "isolated" from the other dogs, until her ear is healed up. When they're outside, she's inside, and vice versa. When they're both inside, she's in the crate. When it's time for Flood and Ouchie to go into the crate, Dizzy's sleeping under the stairs.

Flood may be the leading suspect for the injury, but Ouchie and Dizzy almost got into it when I got home from the vet. Sigh. Spring fever.
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