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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A calm spot in the evening

When I got home with the boys, I went into high speed. Flar was getting ready to go to this evening meeting he has once a month, and said not to plan dinner around him.

So I made Chicken n Dumplings. I still need to put together the calorie count on it. Hungry Jack flaky biscuits dissolve more than they dumpling, so perhaps it's creamy chicken soup.

I caught up on Live Journal while I was cooking, but my computer locked up with I tried to look at a page with political cartoons made out of movie posters. I haven't tried the page again, to see if it was that page, or just too much open at the same time. I tend to open new windows to read all the comments, and to make comments, while I'm reading my Friends view.

If you saw me in AIM and then I went away, that's why.

I've been running AIM more now, as a simpler way to communicate with Critter upstairs.

I'm disappointed that I didn't have Flar's clothes folded for him when he got home, but I picked flowers for the kitchen table: daffodils and pink hyacinth (thank you Wolf for helping me find the name). I've decided if I'm going to suffer from allergies, I might as well enjoy the view. ;)

And, now that I've reformatted my weekly list for increased readability in the text file, I've got to get to work on laundry.

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Talked to Powers about car
    It needs a replacement torc converter; they'll inspect the tranmission for damage and advise
  • Called Autotech to reschedule AC leak check
  • Updated Quicken:
    • Sorted mail
    • Entered receipts, checks and deposits
    • Entered credit card receipts
    • Took a breather to de-stress
    • Posted new bills
  • Filled out & signed TLS Enrollment forms for the boys
  • Replaced 23 burned out lightbulbs
    One socket is not working, and one ceiling fixture center post is loose
  • Picked up Triptik
  • Got a temporary fix for Tigger's glasses, and ordered a replacement temple
  • Bought new sunglasses
    Flood ate my orange ones
  • Bought a new phone cover
    yellow smiley faces on a purple background
  • Cleaned family room, including dusting the mantel and clearing off the coffee table and end tables
  • Vacuumed family room; got Critter to vacuum kitchen
  • Read Ozma to the boys
  • Wiped down the kitchen
  • Washed dishes
  • Got Critter to put away all the clean dishes (from the dishwasher & the counter)
  • Cleared the jacuzzi top of everything except two baskets of laundry to fold
  • Bowled
    we only took one, but I bowled 158 in that game!
  • Sam's
    I got a new bathing suit, and it even fits! I wear a size 16 Speedo
  • Allergist
  • Made reservations for Spring Break
    Flar has to stay home & work
  • Changed shipping on the CDs I ordered, to guarantee they get here in time for the drive
  • Talked to Flar about money
  • Flar spoke to TLS about the deadline for paying the enrollment fees
    We can turn in the forms and wait to make the deposit
  • Dropped off an invoice for Flar
  • Dropped off mail for Flar
  • Picked up Critter's cornet
  • Made Chicken'N'Dumplings
  • Called Mom to tell her Flar's not coming for Spring Break
  • Start Laundry:
    • Noodged the boys about putting away their clothes from last week
    • Sort dirty clothes
    • Feed laundry through the machines
    • Fold my clothes from last week and put away
  • Groceries
  • Finish Laundry:
    • Feed laundry through the machines
    • Sort clean Clothes
    • Fold Flar's clothes
    • Fold and put away my clothes
  • Vacuum jacuzzi room
  • Mop jacuzzi room and family room
  • work on Erosul web site
  • Clean master bathroom
  • Check on car at Powers
  • Print bowling forms
  • Bowl
  • Drive a second grade field trip to the planetarium
  • Chess Club
  • Start the Treehouse

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You should message me next time you're online :-) I'm on AIM almost constantly during the workday (bad Mikey!).

It'll be like old times :-D

Okay, I've just added MelmRev to my buddy list, so if I see you online, I'll ping you. :)

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