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I won something else!

Two movies passes, and gift certificates to Lexington Hot Moon. Technically, I was channeling Critter.

He listens to WVLK 590AM while he does his homework, and he came running downstairs, excited that he knew the answer to today's Jeopardy question. We haven't been able to find the number for the station in the phone book, but there's a free call for Cingular customers.

I'd have handed him my phone, but then he asked me to call, instead.

The question: How many stars are on the Chinese Flag?
The answer: Five.

7th Grade Social Studies is concentrating on Asia. :)

Now we wait for the prize to come in the mail, and then figure out an appropriate time for Critter and Mom to go on their own date night. But, only if I stop calling it that. ;)

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