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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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My Great-grandmother, the war doxy
My great-grandmother is 106; 107 in insurance years, since her birthday is in June.

Sometimes I wonder how much she likes to just play with our minds. She doesn't have Alzheimer's, but there are days when she seems clearer than others, about understanding others. So I dont know if there's any non-Alzheimer's dementia working here.

Take this as my great-grandmother's weird sense of humour, or figure that it explains a lot about me.

Anyway, when my mom's friend was visiting today, the subject of the US being at war came up in conversation. Granny's response was: "Oh, no! We can't go to war! I'll have to spend the whole time on my back!"

(Like she ever really gets out of bed, much, these days...)

So L. drew the story out of her. According to Granny, she spent "the war" (that would be WW I, folks) living with six other girls in a house run by a mean man. Men would come to the house, and the man would decided which girl they got. And Granny got $3 a man.

oh my gosh

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That's just too weird to think about! Hmmm...how much older was she then than Critter? You know, there are a lot of female soldiers in need of relief {grin}

Well, when WWI began in 1917, Granny would have been 20, going on 21.

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