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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Well that was a mild-workout
Carrying three bags of light bulbs, phone, glass cleaner & paper towels all about the house, along with a three-step step-ladder. I feel like I've actually accomplished something. And now I have light over my chair in the family room, over my shower and over the jigsaw puzzle.

Sometime this week, I need to just sit with my laptop in each of the boys' rooms, to supervise cleaning. Well, Tigger's isn't so bad, cause Starmaiden made him clean it Thursday night. But Critter's is a wreck.

I've just enough time to catch up online before I'm off to carline.

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Talked to Powers about car
    It needs a replacement torc converter; they'll inspect the tranmission for damage and advise
  • Called Autotech to reschedule AC leak check
  • Updated Quicken:
    • Sorted mail
    • Entered receipts, checks and deposits
    • Entered credit card receipts
    • Took a breather to de-stress
    • Posted new bills
  • Filled out & signed TLS Enrollment forms for the boys
  • Replaced 23 burned out lightbulbs
    One socket is not working, and one ceiling fixture center post is loose
  • Tidy family room
  • Vacuum Big Three
  • Mop Big Two
  • Pick up Triptik
  • work on Erosul web site
  • Bowl
  • Sam's
  • Allergist
  • Start laundry
  • Get Flar's signature on Enrollment forms
  • Drop off Enrollment forms
  • Pick up Critter's cornet
  • Groceries
  • Finish laundry
  • Clean master bathroom
  • Check on car at Powers
  • Print bowling forms
  • Bowl
  • Drive a second grade field trip to the planetarium
  • Chess Club
  • Start the Treehouse

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A lamp over or behind my chair in the living room would be a Really Nice Thing, because right now the only place I have truly adequate reading light is at the kitchen table or in bed. Well, or on the balcony when it's really sunny out.

That's on my to-do list under "eventually," but thanks for reminding me that "start laundry" and "finish laundry" really need to be on my to-do list for tonight, if I want clean underwear for my trip next week. (I do.)

I need a better reading light, but at least now I *can* read in my recliner.

I kind of like doing the list thingie. Especially with being able to strike-through what I've accomplished. I think it's helping to help me from subsiding into non-productive funks.

And I've found I really like the feeling of having the nasty bills behind me, for at least another week.

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