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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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I'm awake!
I woke up feeling awful - stuffy head, sinus-drainage throat, and complainy ears (my sinus congestion always hits my ears, too). Rolled over and went back to sleep.

Critter delivered newspaper in bed this morning, and it was tempting to stay the day in bed. But I'd left my laptop in the kitchen last night, deciding I was too tired to read smut before bed. Okay, I considered it...

Instead, I took my BP: 117/80, and decided it was safe to take one of my 12-hour prescription sudafed/guaifenesin pills. The ones I used to take all the time. I'm already feeling better, after a can of caffeine, a bunch of meringue cookies, sitting up, and letting the drugs kick in.

I've caught up on email and live journal, and I think I'll wallow in the paper before I think about getting anything "real" done.

Flar finally answered my email about whether to pay the enrollment fee for the boys (at $500 per, this is a non-trivial question) for next year's school year. This means Flar is intent on being able to pay the ghastly tuition for another year, something I wasn't at this point willing to assume. So I sent an email to the lower school head, who was specifically inquiring about Tigger, and she's already acknowledged my email. TLS staff work weekends. ;)

Stuff I haven't written about... my spear-chucking son... two book reviews for 50bookchallenge... spring break plans with family...

But now, for more goofing off.