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Oh, it's lunchtime!

I decided to wear my pedometer this morning. So far, with my paces set to 2.5 feet, I can see that the dial has moved, but it hasn't reached .1 mile yet.

Oh my, but the laundry room was awful! There were enough baskets of clean laundry sitting on the floor (and overflowing, with more than one load per basket), that the scotties have been going in there and hiding behind them when they need to potty. Sigh. At least the baskets keep the clothes out of it. I've got a mountain of laundry to sort, empty baskets (with freshly cleaned outer-bottoms) ready to receive them, and a clean laundry room floor. I've started sweeping the rest of the jacuzzi room, and so almost all of the tidy jacuzzi room bit done.

I've washed Aggie, Butterscotch and Grape, to complete the de-dust-miting of our bed. They're in the dryer, now. And is in the washer, now.

mm lunch. I haven't cooked lately, so there's aren't any leftovers in the fridge... Which I'd thought to ask for some of those dumplings. Or, maybe my waistline thanks me. ;)

The list:

    Monday - Pink
    Tuesday - Orange
    Wednesday - Yellow
    Thursday - Green
    Friday - Blue
    The Weekend - Purple
  • Updated Quicken:
    • Sorted mail
    • Entered receipts, checks and deposits
    • Gave new figures to Flar for decisions about what to pay
    • Balanced checkbook
  • Typed up grade reports commentary for Flar to read before conferences on Friday; emailed to him
  • Mailed Tigger's thank you notes
  • Shopped for Knight's birthday
  • Replaced the missing DVD remote control with a relatively cheap 6 Device Home Theatre Remote Control
  • Found the codes for the TV, VCR, DVD & RCVR
    our satellite receiver uses radio frequency; didn't bother with it
  • Wrapped birthday presents
  • Made filling
  • Baked a birthday cake
  • Made frosting
  • Dropped car off at AutoTech
  • Bowled
  • Sam's
  • Allergist
  • Moved car from AutoTech to Powers
    Not the one close to home - the AutoTech guy recommended another one
  • Borrowed the station wagon from Bébé
  • Took frosting out to return to room temperature
  • Frosted birthday cake
  • Embellished a birthday card
  • Went to Knight's birthday party
  • Partially organized Stampin' Up supplies
  • Phone call with Wolf
  • Phone call with Binky
  • Called AAA to order a trip tik
  • Laundry:
    • Sorted dirty loads
    • Clean jacuzzi top
    • Dumped week's clean laundry onto jacuzzi top
    • Cleaned floor of laundry room
    • Sort clean clothes
    • Fold linens & towels
    • Fold my clothes
    • Fold Flar's clothes
  • Set up Home Theatre feature on Universal Remote
  • Tidy jacuzzi room
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Update chess database
  • Write email to chess parents regarding year-end thank you gift for Coach
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs
  • Update Quicken:
    • Sort mail
    • Entered receipts, checks and deposits
    • Enter credit card receipts
    • Post new bills
  • Tidy family room
  • Vacuum Big Three
  • Mop Big Two
  • Print bowling forms
    Argh! I left the bowling records in my car, which is at Powers!
  • Bowl
  • work on Erosul web site
  • Catch up on what's been left undone on this wonderfully optmistic list
  • School conferences in the afternoon
  • Re-scheduled date night with Knight, on our Kissiversary
    his capacity for remembering dates is incredible
  • Stay online all weekend, chatting, playing Scrabble, and maybe even playing Chess with Wolf
  • Or, *gasp* work outside on the water garden and backyard

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