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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Current Events: War?
I don't usually get all philosophical here, even though a journal is a wonderful place for just that kind of writing.

It turns out, I'm one of those silent people who "right-wing" journalists are calling a majority. I don't know about numbers. I know that peace activists truly believe in what they're saying, and are making themselves seen and heard.

See, I haven't been making myself seen or heard, because I just don't see this situation as clearly black or white. And it's really hard to speak out for wiping out some of the gray. A lot of the gray?

I read in CNN Breaking News this morning, that the US has advised the UN weapons inspector to leave Iraq. Bush has been saying that as of today, time has run out.

And I drove my kids to school. And left them there for the day as if everything is normal. Well, of course, that what we're supposed to do for our kids, right? Keep it normal? There's no concrete reason to do anything different anyway.

But what if the bombs do start dropping today, and what if there are retaliations in the US?

Mostly, what I do with my thinking is avoid. Avoid thinking about the possibility of war and its consequences at home. Hope for the best, as regards innocents abroad.

But I don't speak out against the war.

I just don't believe it's that simple.

Maybe we're silent because we're holding our breath, and can't say anything at all. Fortunately, God hears silent prayers.

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I'm right there with you on avoidance. Enough so that the only news I really get is here on LJ.

Actually it was the UN who pulled their people back, not the US who told them to, but they did do it because it was obvious war was coming.

I think both sides of this.. thing.. are niave and not always making the best choices. But, at this point there's not a vote I can cast and I've sent my emails to representatives about this thing. Aside from that, what /do/ you do but hold your breath?

(and yeah I purposely don't say what I said in my emails)

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