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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Ever have one of those mornings?
Where you could convince yourself, while half-asleep, listening to the snooze alarm go off for the third time, that it's really Saturday and a day for sleeping in?

[Talk about bad grammer. ew]

Hey, but I can keep both eyes open now. The headache is either from the Aleve I took yesterday, and will progress into a full-blown migraine, or it's merely dehydration and I can drink it away. Water. I mean water.

So my seven-year old has started the Wolf unit in second grade. And I've learned a new word:

Digitigrade = pronounced : digit ih grade, where the primary accent is on git, and the secondary accent is on grade.

Mind you, he wanted to use it as a verb, and it shows up in the American Heritage dictionary as an adjective, and in Webster's as an adjective or a noun. It means walking on toes, as opposed to on the palms of the feet. Wolves do it. Or they do, when they're stalking prey. So Tigger says they "digitigrade to catch their prey."