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The concert


Yes, it does make a difference, to go to a concert where I actually *like* the music. I finally remembered that the last time I went to a concert at Rupp was the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I didn't enjoy that at all.

Elton John and Billy Joel were fantastic, and just watching their fingers on the keyboards was worth the experience. I still favor Billy Joel over Elton John, but I love both their music... It was an awesome night.

It was a bona-fide date. I fixed a yummy recipe for dinner, which I ended up feeding to Wolf in the car on our way to the concert. He picked me up at home, and drove, and even helped me in and out of the car, and offered his arm while we walked.

We got there a tad late, because of Wolf's Work Day from Hell, and I got mixed up on parking recommendations, so we walked from the Bank One building to Rupp and back. On the bright side, that meant parking was free. :)

Our seats were in the upper section, which is benches rather than seats, and high enough to give me to willies when getting settled in the dark. We were in the middle of the row, so had to go pass quite a few people. I clung to Wolf's arm for support, occasionally digging in. So when we sat, he curled his arm around me and help me for support. We ended up sitting cuddled together like two teenagers for the whole concert, in between dancing in our seats and on our feet.

After concert, the souvenir table was mobbed, but the wait wasn't long. I got a t-shirt for myself and a keychain for Flar, and for the same money, Wolf bought a bear for Sydb and a mug for his mom. The concert really was close to 4 hours long, so Wolf ended up staying the night and driving home early this morning.

I'm wrecked. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Oh, the music was so fine!

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