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Planning for tomorrow

Well, I got the countertop clean, from the microwave to the drain board, including the range. Considering that Flar made s'ghetti for the sleepover Saturday night, this was a feat. He cannot cook s'ghetti sauce without making impressive amounts of splatter. Including the tile wall behind the range. I got that, too.

While I was cleaning, the boys watched Jonah, and I played Scrabble with Wolf and Sydb and Canuckgirl. I got to hear The Song That Plays Under the Credits again. I'm going to have to record it with the Mac mic to get a wav of it. I'm getting better at Scrabble, I think. But I keep playing competition that is way above me.

The whites are in the dryer, so now I can concentrate on making a list for tomorrow and go to bed.

The list:

Yesterday - Red
Today - Orange
  • Updated Light Bulb Check List
  • Picked up concert tickets
  • Bought light bulbs
  • Finished posting the bills
  • Chose bills to pay
  • Printed checks
  • Made list of errands for tomorrow
  • Calculated postage for Erosul auctions and sent information to auction winners
  • Sent Flar a list of bills still owed or upcoming
  • Attended open house at school
  • Picked up a present for Tigger and a check for bowling from Knight's house
  • Changed Flar's cellular phone calling plan
  • Bowled
  • Bought water & milk & cheese at Sam's
  • Got allergy shot
  • Deposited checks at bank & cash Tigger's Granny money for him
  • Paid property taxes at Sheriff's office
  • Mailed bills at post office, picked up a priority mail shirt box & bought more postage
  • Printed photos and certificates and mailing label for one of the auction winners
  • Spent too much money at the Scholastic Book Fair (all books, even though there were also toys and games)
  • Mailed Lots 4, 6 & 10
  • Scanned coupons
  • Grocery shopping
  • Washed and dried a load of whites -- the only laundry Flar needs before he leaves for Brazil
  • Cleaned the kitchen counter, from the microwave to the drainboard, including the range
  • Finish cleaning the kitchen
  • put away bills-stuff that I left out last night
  • Mail the other vest, if the payment goes through
  • get the car washed
  • pick up Holmes' bag at Knights'
  • Find the recipe for bowtie shrimp and do prep for dinner
  • Decide what top to wear
  • get all gussied up for the date
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs
  • Fold last week's laundry
  • Wash this week's laundry
  • make phone calls
  • clean the master bathroom
  • update the chess database
  • work on Erosul web site

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