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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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coming out of it
I swear, I ought to crawl into a hole and pull it after me when my period's about to start. As it eases up, I always end up feeling so idiotic -- like I've been on a drunken binge or something.

Feeling calmer and more optimistic this morning.

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Feeling idiotic, drunk or something

I asked my gynocologist one time why I always felt a little nuts when I had my periods. (Don't have that anymore.) Anyway, he said that water retention causes your brain to swell and it presses on the inside of your skull so it makes people with water retention a little crazy.

I know this sounds weird but drink plenty of water. At least 6 8oz. glasses a day, more when you are cycling. When your body doesn't think that you are going to dehydrate from lack of water it retains less. Also when you have your peroid you loose fluid so it makes sense that your body might think that you are going to dehydrate.

Re: Feeling idiotic, drunk or something

Wow, maybe that's why I don't typically get hit by mood swings from my period, and why my pregnancy weird mood swings haven't been all that often? I usually drink *tons* of water, so maybe that's why I stay pretty level-headed, even during the high hormone times?

That would also explain why it's worst at the onset -- I'm always worse about drinking water on the weekends than I am during the week. I'll see if it helps.

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