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Busy Day Afternoon update

Back from bowling. I had a great day. Started out kind of slow, but made it up in the second game, and then I bowled a 202 in the third game. For the award (my current average being under 150), I'm ordering the crystal jewelry box, in which I can place all of the bowling pins I already have (200 game being one of them ;). We ended up taking two points because I bowled so well in the third game. Woo hoo!

I decided to hide the earlier days of the list.

Blue - Monday
Green - Tuesday
Yellow - Wednesday
  • clear kitchen counters and sinks
  • wash dishes
  • clear kitchen table
  • clip, sort & cull coupons
  • open mail
  • plan menus and grocery list
  • Print documentation & shipping labels for Biker Boyz auction items
  • Sam's shopping
  • mail Biker Boyz auction items
  • order medals for Tigger's bowling party
  • grocery shopping
  • talk to State Farm about accident
  • laundry
  • mail Biker Boyz auction items
  • pick up Flar's laundry
  • drop off an entry in the Elton John/Billy Joel concert tickets sweepstakes
  • fold clean laundry
  • reorganize bowling records

Orange - Today
  • print queued bowling forms
  • shop for panty exchange
  • shop for Tigger's birthday
  • wash the car
  • get dog food
  • finish the laundry
  • post bills
  • make phone calls
  • print checks
  • clean the master bathroom
  • update chess database
  • work more on Erosul site
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