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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Today's List
I'll keep updating this as the day progresses.
(Blue entries added during the day; red entries put off to Sunday. Argh)
  • wash load with chess shirt
  • print stuff for chess
  • print addresses for invitations
  • mail invitations
  • pack the car
  • deal with mail
  • make an appointment to take Critter to the doctor
  • take Critter to a 10am appointment
  • pick up ceclor and chloroseptic for Critter
  • take care of sick Critter
  • RSVP for Tigger for a birthday party

8:35am Critter complained of a sore throat last night, and it was worse this morning, so I'm keeping him home from school and he's got an appointment at 10am.

So far, I've made the address labels for Tigger's birthday party invitations, started the load of wash, and made Critter's doctor's appointment. I should have time to shower before I dress to take Critter to the doctor.

He's resting, and watching Next Gen: "The Big Goodbye."

12:36pm Back from the doctor, pharmacy & post office. Doc prescribed ceclor three times daily, and the pharmacist recommended cherry chloroseptic lozenges for pain. Critter is now watching "Déja Q" and eating Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup. I'm having lunch and then I'll get back to work.

2:36pm Now he's watching "Pen Pals" then "Q Who". I'm going to strongly suggest napping without TV, after that.

Working on packing now. Last update until tonight. Gave up on mail. Sigh.

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Just wanted to point out that you used Critter and Tigger's real names. Also, you should be quite productive today as I'm feeling very lazy. ;)

Thanks. Fixed it.

Thanks for the energy. I need it today. ;)

His throat feels okay right now. I think the chloroseptic helped, and the salt in the soup I gave him for lunch.

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