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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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nice evening
Knight took me to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Think A Beautiful Mind, where the "sanity" is television-studio-think. ;) But there was enough eye candy to make it pleasant. Mmm. Drew Barrymore. I just love her smile.

I made the mistake, yesterday, of noticing that my face was completely acne-free. Not today.

After the movie, we researched DishTV. They offer local channels in Lexington now, but we'd end up spending about $15 a month more than we do currently, to get what Dish values as worth $5 extra. Flar's going to call up and see what kind of not-on-the-website offers he might get.

Ooh, I should remember to tell him that our current price is scheduled to go up $4 a month next year, when the "plus" channels stop being free.

Tigger brought home his gargoyle. Yeah, it was anatomically correct, but more closely related to a goat than a person. (He pointed out where there used to be an additional appendage: centered between five legs.) The art teacher left the "blow hole" in place in back. Tigger's decided to call it a jet pack, since he seems to have learned that anatomy is frowned on. Sigh.

I'll take pictures later and we can bitch about repressing 2nd graders' artistic attempts. ;)

Cleared off the jacuzzi tonight.

Tomorrow's Musts:
  • wash load with chess shirt
  • print stuff for chess
  • print addresses for invitations
  • mail invitations
  • pack the car
  • deal with mail

I wonder what I'm forgetting.

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We just signed up for dish and I really like it so far. If you do decide to go for it we have a "refer a friend" card thing from them. If you're interested let me know.

Knight and Ro use dish. I'll make sure Flar askes about refer a friend, but the credit would rightly belong to Knight and Ro. Sorry.

Well, in Louisville we have the first signs of a coming cable hike ourselves. It seems Insight, who is not content with their monopoly over the cable market here, is moving the stations again.

Univision, the Spanish station, moves from channel 50 to channel 10. CSPAN goes to channel 11. And my favorite, The Learning Channel[TLC] moves from channel 12 to channel 50. All channels above 19 are part of the "Additional pack" and not the "Basic" lineup. Thus, it cost more for them. My belief is too many people like myself watch TLC's home improvement shows like Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, and Surprise By Design. Therefore, Insight believes that they are being short changed. The change happens March 4th. Same as Caritas' birthday. I just wonder when the price increase will happen. April Fools Day maybe?

If you subscribe to Basic, and want to regain just those channels that you lose in the numbers game:

ask Insight was the per channel charge is, for each channel in which you are interested. Although they tend to only advertise package prices, trade regulations require them to offer pay channels at individual prices. If you only want one or two additional channels, it may be cheaper than increasing your package.

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