Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

nice evening

Knight took me to Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Think A Beautiful Mind, where the "sanity" is television-studio-think. ;) But there was enough eye candy to make it pleasant. Mmm. Drew Barrymore. I just love her smile.

I made the mistake, yesterday, of noticing that my face was completely acne-free. Not today.

After the movie, we researched DishTV. They offer local channels in Lexington now, but we'd end up spending about $15 a month more than we do currently, to get what Dish values as worth $5 extra. Flar's going to call up and see what kind of not-on-the-website offers he might get.

Ooh, I should remember to tell him that our current price is scheduled to go up $4 a month next year, when the "plus" channels stop being free.

Tigger brought home his gargoyle. Yeah, it was anatomically correct, but more closely related to a goat than a person. (He pointed out where there used to be an additional appendage: centered between five legs.) The art teacher left the "blow hole" in place in back. Tigger's decided to call it a jet pack, since he seems to have learned that anatomy is frowned on. Sigh.

I'll take pictures later and we can bitch about repressing 2nd graders' artistic attempts. ;)

Cleared off the jacuzzi tonight.

Tomorrow's Musts:
  • wash load with chess shirt
  • print stuff for chess
  • print addresses for invitations
  • mail invitations
  • pack the car
  • deal with mail

I wonder what I'm forgetting.

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