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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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a small victory
The dishwasher is running, and another full load of dishes is compactly stacked, waiting for its turn. I'll wait until tomorrow to hand-wash dishes, after Tigger has done away with the recyling.

This vastly improved the kitchen. It is no longer an evil place, but still less inviting than the family room. Nevertheless, I'm freed from it, for working in here on chess stuff. I just checked on my car, and it's ready anytime; Flar's afternoon meeting schedule dragged late, so I have to find some way to pick up the boys and my car. Knight said that Kittybane or Starmaiden might be able to help me on that, so I'll give them a call in a few.

Date night is tonight, and we're planning on watching Confessions of a Dangerous Mind at a 6:50 pm showing, so Knight's bringing dinner for he and I, and I'm making Hamburger Helper for the boys and Flar.

Stuff I need to get done before tomorrow at 3pm:
  • write an update hand-out for chess club
  • prepare the rosters and contact sheet to take to the tournament
  • wash the load of laundry that has my chess shirt in it
  • clear off the jacuzzi
  • sort the mail
  • pay bills
  • work more on Erosul
  • clear off the kitchen table

A more productive day than yesterday, but I've left a lot for today and tomorrow.