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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Some perspective
Maybe it will help me get perspective, if I list everything I did, rather than what I didn't do.

Today's accomplishments, in a nonproductive day:
  1. woke the kids
  2. showered
  3. napped
  4. ate breakfast
  5. read email in time to catch one cancellation before Coach cut the entry check
  6. picked up Tigger
  7. got a check from Coach to reimburse for the t-shirt deposit
  8. took Tigger to the dentist - our medical policy covers chipped teeth, if we can file it properly
  9. deposited the check
  10. picked up Critter
  11. got the oil in my car changed
  12. dropped Tigger off at Bébé's
  13. stopped at Kroger for a pizza for dinner
  14. read live journal
  15. read email
  16. another kid cancelled, too late to change the check
  17. printed invitations for Tigger's party
  18. started a Menu Planning database and figured out how to treat picture as data
  19. looked up nonsense on the web

I might be able to get away with waiting until Monday to do laundry. Gotta check out the condition of my chess shirt.

Somehow, the length of that list doesn't cheer me up.

The kitchen is awful. I need to do bowling forms in the morning and I'd like to clean the kitchen, and I have to leave early for time to drop off my car and the lights in Lexington still aren't synced.

At least I don't have errands tomorrow. Although I haven't pinned down a ride home from bowling, I'm sure I can get one. After that, I don't need a car until I pick the boys up from school.

Tomorrow, will I have more energy? I think I might need it.

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Hmmm... I didn't know I could list "napping" as an accomplishment. At least I got that done yesterday, if naught much else. :)

Well, when it's the explanation for why I was just finishing up breakfast when Tigger called from school, I feel the need to include it in the list. ;)

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