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Evening update

I tasted the mousse before it chilled last night, and then had some for dessert with lunch today. I often can't finish chocolate desserts, but this didn't seem overpowering to me. Probably because I used semi-sweet chocolate.

Oh, I figured out that if you really did dole it out as only four servings, this is a dessert with a goodly amount of protein, since each serving would have 1.25 Protein exchanges, on the Diabetic Exchange Diet. So, is there any sugar at all in bittersweet chocolate? Cause, if not, then at 1 Tablespoon of sugar shared four ways, this seems a great diabetic dessert. Wonder if it would work with a fructose sweetener, since that's a preferred -ose for diabetics.

Having been diabetic twice, temporarily (during pregnancy), I think about these things. I've also been temporarily arthritic -- it was caused by a virus and treatable. Wonder what other life-conditions I've had temporarily?

Lessee, bowled GREAT today. 128, 167 and 169. We lost the first game, but won three out of four points for the day. Whee!

Knight drove me around today. Nice thing we planned that, because traffic was awful in the morning. I read him the comics while we waited for out-of-sync lights.

After bowling, we stopped at Sam's, Schlotzksy's, the Nicholasville Liquor Store (they don't sell wine at the grocery, and I forgot to pop over for some while we were at Sam's), and the post office. We picked up the parcel, and it is indeed Flar's birthday present, so we're having a party for him, after he gets home from an evening meeting downtown. I've made Orange Beef and Barley Stew for dinner, and will cook up some Grands Biscuits and Kraft Mac N Cheese as side dishes.

On the way to school, I deposited a small check (yay!), dropped off laundry for Flar (and found some that had gone unclaimed), and after I got the boys, I picked up Flar's prescription at the pharmacy.

Now I'm going to put away clean dishes to clean up the kitchen some, and get the boys to work on the family room. Then I'll get the cake ready to bake, after the stew comes out of the oven.

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