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Lazy Sunday

I woke up this morning, and started reading my current book, Kiln People, by David Brin. I was intending to get up when I was more awake, but couldn't stay awake to read, so I went back to sleep longer. That's what Sundays are for, right?

When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I ate cinnamon/mozzarella roll-ups, a bizarre brunch kind of thing that I like, and then noshed on sweets for a bit.

I couldn't really get started on anything today, although there was plenty of housework and other chores to choose from. I did pull myself away from my book long enough to shower, and then decided I ought to work on, so I curled up into my recliner to work.

I also caught up on live journal and email, and ate the dinner that Flar fixed tonight, and read Borrowers Afield to Tigger, as Critter remembered homework at the last minute. Grr.

I got frustrated working on the Erosul stuff. The images that I need to add to the site are all too big: I need to make thumbnail sizes for many of them, and resize all of them to a reasonable size to put on the site. I have a package that's supposed to simplify that for me, and it worked great to make a folder full of thumbnail versions. Then I went to do the same thing but at a larger size, and I couldn't get it to quit crashing the computer. About the only I didn't think to try, was throwing more memory at the program. I finally got Flar to re-size the pictures for me, while I worked on changing the html.

So far, I've:
  • made the changes to the Special Services page, except that I don't yet have pictures of my elf boots to add to that page
  • added pictures to the Brazil Cut woman's pants page
  • took out the non-existent Models page
  • added a current events page, with all the text, but none of the links and pictures, yet.

  • Match pictures to text on current event page
  • continue making changes as indicated in Flar's notes
  • write up an email to parents of kids in the next tournament, organizing carpooling
  • do calling to finalize the roster for the next tournament
  • clean the kitchen

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