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Weekend update

When last we left our heroine, she was speeding out of the house for a party and overnighter in Louisville.

I'm back, safe and sound. The party was fun; I love making things, so I'm kind of hooked on Stampin' Up parties. I slept in on Friday, getting up at 9am, and then fooling around before I left the house. I breakfasted with Sydb, and played with Roo, then drove home in the rain. Damn, but the ground is soaked.

On Thursday night, I found out that news of the Lexington Ice Storm is not far-reaching, and realized that other than mentioning school closings, I haven't written much about it in my journal.

There are a lot of trees in Lexington, and ice storms mean downed branches, and in this case, even downed trees. It seems that the saturated ground means more trees fall over. The ice storm hit Saturday night, with more icky weather Sunday night, and continuing cold weather and clouds or mist for most of the week. At the peak of the storm damage, KU reported 115,000 homes without power across Kentucky, mostly clustered in the greater Lexington area.

There are still homes without power, almost a full week later. This morning's paper reported 11,000, but that was probably the number as of sometime last night.

We were fortunate. We were without power and phone on Sunday, but for only about 9 hours. Most of which we slept through, since Flar says the power went out at 3am.

Coach got his power back yesterday, mid-morning. He spent the week chopping wood for the fireplace, and keeping the kerosene heater going. TLS was back in session on Thursday, and I ended up running chess club by myself on Friday, as Coach stayed home to keep things going there. The kids were all pleased to be back in school and were quite well behaved for me to be in charge all by myself.

I got the chess club calling done on the way to Louisville, and need to so a small amount of follow-up on Monday.

I haven't started into Erosul work, yet. Yesterday I worked on finding stuff for chess club, and getting there ontime, and this morning I drove Tigger to bowling. He bowled 58 and 80 on a 70 average, so that's not so bad.

We're about to go out: Flar's laptop quit: the CD drive isn't working anymore, which makes it useless to him when he's in Brazil (that's how he brings all his files with him - on CD, burned from the desktop). CompUSA (or Best Buy?) has great deals and terms on laptops right now, so we're off to replace his laptop. If it makes sense, we might go ahead and get wireless networking, too. I found a $25 driver for the mac that supports lots of non-Mac cards, so we don't have to pay $100 to make my laptop work.

When we come back, I get to disappear into my laptop, working on Erosul.

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