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Afternoon update

Status on my lists for today:
  • scan stuff for the Biker Boyz auctions
  • wash dishes
  • finalize the Sam's list
  • write up a hand-out for chess
  • print out stuff for chess
  • start working on changes to the Erosul site
  • watch Buffy with Knight
  • shop at Sam's
  • other errands: Wal-Mart
  • work on Erosul
  • make Beef [crumbles] Enchiladas for dinner [here and in Louisville]
  • finish Chess Club calling
  • drive to Louisville for Sydb's Stampin' Up party [and an overnighter]

I figured out how to set up things so that I can queue things for printing on my laptop, and then put them on the kitchen computer to print. I can't access the printer directly, as it's not an appletalk printer, and I don't have any kind of printer-server software running on the kitchen computer. But at least this way I can print from applications that I don't have on the kitchen computer, like Word.

Think I'll be able to get the dishes done while the echiladas bake and the calling done while I'm driving (I use an earbud). And I don't have to postmark the roster on Saturday after all, but they *do* want the check by Friday (a week from tomorrow).

I got tired of the picture I was using for my desktop and found a vibrantly colored graphic to replace it. Not sure if I like it yet.

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